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A diagnosis of cancer can evoke very strong emotions, such as fear or anger, stromg reactions to changes to your body, anxiety about treatment. You may find it difficult to cope with a feeling of loss of control. You might also feel very stressed about having to cope with side effects of treatment, such as fatigue, pain or sickness. Cancer can stir up many deeply personal issues such as consideration of your spirituality, sexuality and relationships.Cancer can also affect your family relationships. You might find it affects how to talk to your children or your intimacy with your partner. It might also lead to role changes within the family, if you are no longer able to fulfil the role you used to, even temporarily. You might need to have difficult conversations about financial support, financial difficulties, or making a will. There may be practical issue such as transport problems or difficulty talking to your doctors. All these can cause family tensions or extra stress for you.

Talking to a trained counsellor can help you explore these powerful feelings and fifficulties, and it can help you to find ways to cope with the situation and support you along your journey. Your counsellor can facilitate communication and understanding between you and your loved ones, and explore ways to manage isolation, depression, anxiety, intimact, sexuality issues along the way. They can provide the safe space in which you can talk honestly and truthfully about how the diagnosis is affecting you at all stages of your journey.

Counselling can also help if you are the relative or loved one of someone with cancer, as you may need the time to talk through your own feelings and how the diagnosis has affected you. By talking through your own concerns and worries with one of our cancer counsellors you will be able to support your loved one more constructively.

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