Sex and Relationships group

Eating disorders affect every aspect of a person’s life, including sex and relationships. Body image issues and the emotional turmoil that accompany an eating disorder can make sexual and intimate relationships very difficult.


The group will help you:

- explore how an ED and body image issues

  affect sexual, social and intimate


- find new coping mechanisms

- set boundaries

- handle conflict and develop empathy

- invite intimacy into your life



Every Tuesday at 6-7:30 pm at the Tree of Life Clinic in Central London

The fee is £160 per month (£40 for each session), payable in advance at the beginning of each month.

For 12 weeks from 9th April 2019


In order to create a contained space, where sex and relationship difficulties can be explored safely and in confidence, this is a closed group, which means that you will need to sign up for the full 12 weeks.




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If you would like to join this group, give us a call on 08001934551 today or send us an email

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