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Seeking Therapy For Dyspareunia In London?

Tree of Life Clinic is ideal for anybody seeking therapy for sexual or relationship problems in W1, including those suffering from dyspareunia.

Dyspareunia is when somebody suffers from pain during or after sexual intercourse. Although it can affect both men and women, it is most commonly experienced by women.

Pain can be caused by many factors including physical or psychological problems. For example, a lack of sexual arousal can make a difference, as can vaginismus- a condition when the muscles around the vagina shut tightly and sex is then extremely difficult. This is an automatic reaction to fears of penetration and somebody has little to no control over it.

The condition can also be due to an illness or infection, so it’s important to check with your doctor.

Therapy can be highly effective if this is the underlying cause of your dyspareunia.

Talking to a counsellor enables you to change your feelings about sex and your body; mindfulness can also be an effective way to help this problem. Such techniques can be taught by your therapist.

Based in W1, Tree of Life Clinic have trained therapists who can help with a wide range of relationship and sexual difficulties. We also help people suffering from eating disorders including anorexia. Why not get in touch today for more information?


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