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Seeking Psychotherapy For Sex Addiction In London?

Tree of Life Clinic offer expert psychotherapy for anybody suffering from sexual problems, including individuals who struggle with sex addiction.

Although not as well-known as drug addiction or alcoholism, sex addiction can have devastating consequences.

Researchers say that this form of addiction is on the rise, partly due to porn being more accessible but also because the internet enables people to hook up with strangers much easier. Today, it’s much easier to cheat on a partner, with dating sites having been described as a ‘fuel’ for this type of addiction.

Why have psychotherapy for sex addiction?

For some people, their sexual habits become uncontrollable, leading them into dangerous situations and ruining their ability to form lasting relationships. If married or in a relationship, individuals with this type of addiction often end up living a double life. This usually has negative consequences in the long-term.

Whether you’re struggling with sexuality or relationship difficulties, London-based Tree of Life Clinic can offer psychotherapy tailored to your needs. We provide an integrative and holistic approach to a range of psychosexual and relationship problems. Depending on your situation and the nature of the issue, we can offer either one-on-one therapy or group sessions.

We can not only offer psychotherapy for sex addiction but a range of other issues, including confusions about your sexuality, reducing anxiety around sex, loss of desire, and much more.

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