Seeking Counselling For Bulimia In London
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Seeking Counselling For Bulimia In London

Are you concerned that you or somebody you love has an eating disorder? Do you they already receive medical support but could benefit from counselling too?

Tree of Life Clinic regularly provide counselling for people suffering from eating disorders, including bulimia, with sessions taking place at our clinic in London.

Whether you’re looking to have individual therapy or group or couples counselling, we can provide the professional support you need.

Bulimia is a disorder characterised by binge eating followed by ‘purging’ (getting rid of the food), which usually involves vomiting or using laxatives. The person might also do extreme amounts of exercise to stop themselves gaining weight.

This mental health condition means that person has an extreme fear of putting on weight and is very critical about their own body. Because of their erratic eating habits, they might also suffer from extreme mood swings. The symptoms of bulimia aren’t as easy to spot because sufferers are often good at hiding their habits.

Tree of Life Clinic offer holistic treatment for eating disorders and look to encourage Health at Every Size (HAES). We can also offer bespoke family support for sufferers of eating disorders. Our Nutritional Therapy is ideal for anybody struggling with issues related to food and we offer specialist individual NT consultations and NT groups for sufferers of eating disorders.

If you’re looking for counselling for bulimia, please discover more about Tree of Life Clinic today.

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