Group Therapy For Eating Disorders In Central London
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Group Therapy For Eating Disorders In Central London


A healthy relationship with food is crucial for your well-being. If you’re struggling with food, it’s highly important you seek help no matter how serious you consider the problem to be.


For example, eating regular meals and snacks at the same times every day can help keep your blood sugar levels steady. Eating at regular intervals also ensures your body has a continuous source of fuel, which can assist in keeping your mood stable.


Whether you’re looking to have individual or group therapy in central London, Tree of Life Clinic supports people with a wide range of conditions.


Group therapy can be highly helpful, enabling you to connect with others with similar problems. When it comes to problems like eating disorders, it’s easy to feel completely alone. Group therapy helps you meet people who understand exactly how it feels and encourages you on the road to recovery. This type of therapy can sound intimidating but it can make a huge difference to your life.


We have professional nutritional therapists who have supported people with many types of eating disorders, including anorexia. Tree of Life offers both specialist individual NT consultations and NT groups for sufferers of eating disorders.


Discover more about our therapy for eating disorders in central London.

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