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Counselling For Sex Addiction In London

Are you looking for a psychotherapist in London to help you overcome sexual addiction?

Sex addiction has been described ‘as any sexual activity which feels out of control’. This can involve sex itself, compulsive watching of pornography, excessive masturbation, using prostitutes or calling sex lines.

This type of addiction often involves self-destructive or high-risk activities that are not emotionally fulfilling and those a person is ashamed of, but find themselves unable to stop, even if it leads to ruined relationships with a partners or the transmission of STDs.

Sex is both stimulating and rewarding, so it’s not surprising it can be addictive; in fact, this type of addiction is not entirely dissimilar to substance abuse as powerful chemical substances are released during sex, including a huge endorphin rush.

The causes of sex and love addiction are often rooted in childhood and adolescence. In particular, trauma and neglect often factors behind this type of addiction. It is commonly described as an ‘intimacy disorder’ and, like all addictions, can have a negative effect on both you and your family. Many people find it destroys otherwise healthy relationships.

If you require counselling for sex addiction, the trained counsellors at Tree of Life Clinic can help.

We regularly help people suffering relationship issues and those related to their sexuality.

Our therapist can help you regain control of your life and resume a healthy, normal sex life. Based in London, we regularly help clients with sex addiction from all over the capital.

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