Could You Benefit From Psychotherapy For Trauma
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Could You Benefit From Psychotherapy For Trauma?

A traumatic experience can be a one-off event like a car accident, or a long-term experience such as sexual, emotional or physical abuse.


It is considered traumatic if it has a long lasting psychological impact on an individual and leads to them struggling in life, whether when it comes to forming long-term relationships or maintaining job.


Sometimes trauma can even be passed down generations, with parents who suffered in their childhood continuing the cycle of anxiety or abuse. This is what’s known as transgenerational trauma, also known as historical or collective trauma. The Holocaust is often referred to as a collective trauma and affected not only those at the time, but the generations of families afterwards.


Trauma can lead to mental health difficulties like depression and anxiety, addiction and eating disorders. Psychotherapy has been found to be highly effective for helping people who have been through either long-term or short-term trauma.


Based in London, Tree of Life offers psychotherapy for people who have suffered from many different types of trauma.


Over the years, we’ve helped individuals who have been through many kinds of difficult events or long-term situations that have had a long-term psychological impact on them, including terrorism attacks, torture and war.


If you could benefit from psychotherapy for trauma, discover more about Tree of Life Clinic today.

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