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Bespoke Counselling For Anxiety

Could you benefit from counselling for anxiety? Tree of Life Clinic offer bespoke therapy tailored to your unique needs.


While everybody suffers from anxiety at some point, others find it stops them living the life they want. More than 8 million people in the UK suffer from an anxiety disorder, according to recent statistics in the Telegraph. It has become something of a modern epidemic, possibly because we live in a world that many consider increasingly stressful.


Anxiety is linked to our primal ‘fight or flight’ response, also known as hyperarousal.


When we were cavemen, this mean we knew exactly when to run away. However, today, we often feel it in situations where such feelings of fear aren’t warranted.


One of the reasons anxiety is so unpleasant is because it produces a variety of physical symptoms. These can include sweaty palms, a dry throat, racing heart and feeling of being faint. None of these symptoms can actually hurt us, but they make us feel like we’re in real danger.


Although certain levels of anxiety are normal, if it’s affecting your everyday life, counselling has been proven to be highly effective.


Located in London, Tree of Life Clinic regularly help people who need therapy for anxiety. Our experienced counsellors will tailor our treatment to meet your unique needs. All our professional counsellors have had extensive training.


For more about our therapy for anxiety, simply get in touch today.


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