Are You Looking For LGBT Therapy In London?
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Are You Looking For LGBT Therapy In London?

Are you struggling with issues related to your sexuality?

Talking with a therapist who is specifically trained to cover lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and trans (LGBT) issues is important.

Whether you’re having difficulty accepting your sexual orientation, coping with other people’s reactions when coming out, have low self-esteem, or feel like your body does not reflect your true gender, Tree of Life Clinic can help you explore these issues and build a better future.

Although it’s not as difficult to be openly LGBT as in the past, you might still face many challenges. In particular, poor levels of mental health in LGBT people have been linked to discrimination and bullying. Some people still face hostility or rejection from friends or family, others struggle when transitioning and need extra support.

Whatever your reasons for seeking therapy for LGBT-related issues, Tree of Life Clinic can offer support in a warm and friendly environment.

Our therapists offer an integrative and holistic approach with an understanding of psychosexual issues that are not purely physical.

We regularly help people from all backgrounds suffering from sex and relationship problems. Tree of Life Clinic is also ideal for people seeking therapy for eating disorders, addictions, body image issues and low self-esteem.

If you’re seeking therapy in London, simply get in touch today for more information.


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