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“A meeting of two: eye to eye, face to face.

And when you are near, I will tear your eyes out

and place them instead of mine,

and you will tear my eyes out

and will place them instead of yours,

then I will look at me with mine.”

― Jacob Levy Moreno

When communication fails and conflict prevails, couples therapy can make a difference. Conflict in a couple may manifest hidden narratives, which in turn contribute to shaping the interpersonal experience. When the story of a couple becomes the cause of pain, the story needs to be re-told. Nothing feels worse than the frustration, anger and disappointment of needing love and experiencing pain instead. The aim of couple therapy is to illuminate all and every one of these influences so that a negative narrative can be reviewed and communication improved. 


It is common for couples to experience difficulties in their relationship or marriage, which can result in each individual in the couple feeling unhappy, isolated, angry, bored or resentful. Going through a transition in the relationship, such as having children, or living busy lives, managing careers, not finding time for each other can affect the quality of the relationship of a couple, as well as their intimacy and sexual life.


The most common problems that couples experience are:


  • Difficulties with or lack of intimacy.
  • Communication problems in a relationship, including frequent arguments, blaming, conflict.
  • Differences in sexual desire within the relationship. It is perhaps one of the most common sexual problems with couples. 
  • Sexless relationship. Some couples lose the desire to be sexual with each other. It can be caused by various factors including living busy lives, having children, getting older, feeling stuck or bored within the relationship. 
  • Healing after the disclosure of infidelity. Infidelity has a tremendous negative impact on relationships, marriage and sexual lives.. The healing process and the re-building of trust and compassion can be long and challenging, but it is possible.
  • Receiving or dealing with a spouse's diagnosis of severe or terminal illness. This can be one of the biggest stressors in a relationship, and couples often need support to go through this transition.
  • Ending a relationship in a constructive way. Couples therapy can also help with ending a relationship. Ending a relationship in a meaningful and therapeutic way, with understanding, compassion and empathy, is important and a great gift of love to oneself.





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