Emilie Janson
Tree Of Life Clinic

Emilie is passionate about holistic success and offers a range of coaching modalities that ease suffering, bring emotional and mental freedom, relief and support soul purpose clarity and abundance.


By helping her clients to connect with themselves and their inner truth, EmilieĀ“s approach is designed to support freedom from overwhelm and to increase work capacity. Finding inner balance is often a desired outcome, and once this is reached productivity skyrockets, along with personal fulfilment.


Emilie also works with high achievers and professionals who may be tired of the 9-5 rat race and have been feeling disconnected from their passions in life. After experiencing her own corporate burn-out and stepping into her ideal life, Emilie mastered the secrets of how to gain clarity, manifest the support, opportunities and circumstances that help reconnect individuals to their passions again.


Having also experienced her own healing journey, Emilie specialises in supporting people who suffer from skin disorders, who cannot see a way out of their daily discomfort and pain. She is very passionate about the mind and body connection, and concentrates on providing moral support and inspiration to her clients on their personal healing journey, helping them to connect with their inner healing power.

Emilie offers her coaching services in English and French.

To contact Emilie for more information and to arrange a free discovery call, please email info@tree-of-life-clinic.com or call 08001934551.

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