About us

Led by founder and Clinical Director, Eva Koumpli, our team consists of highly qualified and experienced professionals, whose expertise ranges from creative therapies to nutritional therapy. At the Tree of Life Clinic we offer bespoke therapy for adults and adolescents. We have a team of multilingual therapists who understand the possible challenges you’re facing, and can offer counselling and psychotherapy in your own language! We offer psychotherapy and counselling in English, Greek, French and Arabic.

Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching


Eva Koumpli



Founder and Clinical Director


Charlene Douglas



Psychodynamic Counsellor & Life Coach


Katherine Elks



Psychotherapist and Counsellor



Romy Wakil



Psychodynamic Therapist


Julie Lacy





Giulia Dallas



Psychotherapist: Drama and Movement

Nutritional Therapy



Kaysha Thomas



Nutritional Therapist & Restorative Pilates Tutor

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